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Superflite System VI.

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Safety is a must when handling any chemicals of any kind. But when spraying or using the Superflite System VI products, we highly recommend wearing gloves, protective coveralls, and using a fresh air breathing unit.


Getting Organised

Know how to organize your work area. It should have proper lighting, ventilation, and space. The next step is insuring that you have the Superflite tools and the general essentials for getting started.


Preparing the Frame

Once you have removed the old fabric from the airframe, inspected, cleaned, and repaired the airframe you will find in this category everything needed to prime the airframe, apply anti-chafe tape and inter-rib bracing cord.

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Covering the Frame

Now that your aircraft frame has been approved for covering you are ready to attach the fabric to the structure, tighten the fabric (tautening), secure the fabric with rib stitching or other mechanical fasteners, apply finishing tape and patches and lastly install inspection rings and drain grommets.

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Priming and Painting

Its time to protect and to add some life to your aircraft colour! Now you are ready to clean the fabric with superwash, mix and spray the appropriate
primer/filler and allow to dry. Wet sand the primer and to finish apply your coloured urethane topcoat and lastly apply trim colours and graphics.

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System VI Urethane Kits

We have System VI Kits available for many different types of aircraft. If you don’t see your plane on the list call us or send us an email. We’ll build a kit especially for your aircraft.

Please contact us for pricing on the particular kit that you require.


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