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Superflite has been manufacturing and developing paint systems for aircraft since 1949. Our paint systems include both traditional “dope and fabric” as well as the latest state-of-the-art polyurethane primers and paints. Superflite offers everything you need from metal and fabric primer, fabric, tapes, top coat colors, spray equipment, and accessories. The covering systems can be used on both Experimental and Certified Aircraft with fabric, metal or fiberglass surfaces. Aircraft owners, operators and manufacturers throughout the world have long been familiar with Superflite’s fine reputation for quality products and service.


Superflite Fabric & Tapes


Superflite currently manufactures three different types of fabric. The medium weight, or 102 fabric, is the 2.7 ounce fabric used on certificated and light sport aircraft. The heavy weight, or the 101 fabric, is the 3.7 oz per sq yard breaking strength, used on all aircraft where a tough, durable, low elongation, high tension fabric is needed. This fabric provides excellent resistance to rock penetration and tearing. Both 102 and 101 polyester fabrics are FAA approved. The light weight, or 104 fabric, is the 1.7 ounce fabric used on ultralights and some experimental aircraft. 104 fabric is a non-certified fabric. All fabrics are sold by the yard.

The finishing tapes are made from our medium (SF102) and lightweight (SF104) fabrics. The purpose of finishing tape is to provide abrasion resistance and protection along ribs and trailing edges and leading edges. There are several different styles of surface tape available, straight edge, pinked edge, bias cut, and pre-shrunk. All are available in both fabric weights.

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Superflite Chemicals


The products in this category include everything required to complete a Fabric, Metal, Composite and Fiberglass aircraft.

This includes the chemicals pertaining to the Superflite System 1 – Butyrate Dope (for fabric) Adhesives, Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), Butyrate & Retarding Thinners, Dacproofer-Fabric Filler, Clear Butyrate, SpraFil – UV Protector, Rejuvenator and Coloured Butyrate Topcoats. The products are durable and easy to apply, providing you with an excellent vintage or classic finish for your aircraft.

Also in this category you will find the chemicals pertaining to the Superflite System V1 – Urethane (for Fabric, Metal, Composite and fiberglass), Adhesive, Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), Urethane reducers, Primer Base, Catalyst & Flex Agent, Urethane Flattening Agent, Paint Catalyst and Coloured Urethane Topcoats. The products are easy to apply and easy to repair. A complete system where you are able to choose from a high gloss or vintage look. It has up to 27% weight saving, resists UV, with the added bonus of being fuel and bird dropping resistant.


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Superflite Accessories

The accessory category is the products relating to the fabric covering of your aircraft. These include
Rib Bracing Tape, Anti-Chafe & Reinforcement Tapes, Round & Flat Rib Lacing Cords, Hand and Machine Sewing Thread. Rib Stitching Needles, Curved and Straight.

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Superflite Miscellaneous

Instructional Manuals & DVDs, System 1, System V1, Metal Prep & Finish, FAA approved Handbooks.

Protective Gear and equipment that you will need to get started. Such as the Gluemaster can with Brush plus Replacement Brushes, Viscosity Cup, Mesh Strainers, Thermometers & Sealing Iron.

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